Safety Guidelines for Traveling

It is always handy to read about the safety tips before visiting any country. This will help you in avoiding any unwanted or unwelcome situations. Following are some of the guidelines and safety tips for traveling in Nepal: –

  • Inform yourself on the latest on Nepal’s regional stability, health and safety precautions and environmental issues.
  • Make sure you have comprehensive travel insurance, before you leave, to cover baggage, flight cancellation and emergency medical care. Bear in mind that basic policies will not cover winter or extreme sports activities.
  • For long stays in Nepal get yourself registered with your country’s consulate or embassy.
  • Speak to other travelers, locals or tourist information offices about which areas are safe to visit and places to avoid.
  • Preferably do not leave any valuables out in the open as temptation induces crime.
  • Keep your passport, money and other important belongings in a secure place at all times.
  • Avoid wearing expensive jewelry while traveling and keep your money belt out of sight.
  • Do not carry too much in cash as far as possible. Make use of your credit cards instead.
  • Don’t keep all your money in one place and make sure you have noted the numbers of your traveler’s cheques so they can be replaced if they are stolen.
  • Nepali people are conservative by nature. Avoid wearing skimpy clothes to avoid any unwanted attention.
  • Avoid traveling alone in the dark.
  • Note the registration number of the Taxi you hired.
  • Never have unsafe sex – use condoms.
  • Drug-abuse, trafficking and sexual relation with children are strictly prohibited.
  • Avoid Maoist pockets in Nepal. Though there have never been any incidents of attacks on tourists, avoid traveling alone in these areas.
  • Always make Travel and Trekking arrangement with authorized agencies only.
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George Mittendor I am originally from California and have always dreamed of hiking through Nepal. I went with my girlfriend on the Everest Base Camp Trek. I am really glad that we went with this company because of our great Nepali guide, Keshab Khanal. He spoke English well, was knowledgeable about the surroundings,
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